Spanish Immersion Parent Night Presentation

February 25, 2019
(see below video for helpful links to sources, research, resources quoted in video)

During this presentation at NE Regional Library, I covered topics such as:

  • Research on academic benefits of being bilingual
  • How Spanish immersion school prepares children for English language kindergarten
  • How to support your child in an immersion program
  • Parent feedback from former students on their child’s progress in elementary school
  • Options that exist for language immersion after Wilmington Bilingual Preschool

Professor Fred Genesee’s Top 10 Most Consistent Findings from Research on Foreign Language Immersion:

Key Benefits of Delayed Start to Kindergarten:

American Speech Hearing Association- Tips for Learning a Second Language:

American Speech Hearing Association- Advantages of Being Bilingual:

American Speech Hearing Association- Second Language Acquisition Process:

Spanish Immersion Students Outperform English Only Students in English and Math Standardized Testing in New Hanover County:

Higher Brain Density in Bilingual Children + Benefits & No Confusion:

Teach Your Child to Read in English- Best Online Program:

High-Quality Educational Toys- Maniupulatives & Games:

Mindware Brainy Higher-Level Thinking Toys:

Adult Easy-to-Follow Spanish Lessons- Free Channel on You Tube:

Alan Por El Mundo Travel Channel on You Tube- Fun Practice for Intermediate/Advanced Spanish

I Talki-  Pay for One on One Language Lessons with Native Speakers (Adult Resource)

Hello Talk- Chat with Native Speakers of Other Languages for Free

More Resources for Adults Learning Spanish:
See article from our school blog here!

Spanish Immersion Parent Night Presentation
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