Learning Spanish with Your Child

We often get requests from parents who want to learn Spanish along with their child. While this is not a requirement for your child to excel in an immersion program, it is very gratifying and exciting to be able to share the experience of communicating in Spanish with them. Knowing Spanish also provides the bonus of being able to understand words and phrases that your child may be bringing home.

We do not offer adult classes at our school but we do give parents of our students monthly playlists of our preschool songs so that you can sing along with them at home or in the car. The great news is that nowadays there are so many free or inexpensive resources available for you to teach yourself Spanish on your own time.

Here are some additional resources if you are wanting to brush up on your Spanish, advance in Spanish or simply start from the beginning.

Duolingo App- This FREE app is perfect for beginner to intermediate Spanish speakers. It is very interactive and teaches all aspects of Spanish from vocabulary, grammar, common phrases and more.

Spanishpod 101 Podcast Wonderful podcast for beginner, intermediate or advanced Spanish learners. This is a perfect way to learn on the go while you are driving. It starts out in English and Spanish and as you advance through the program it switches to all Spanish. The lessons are very entertaining and easy to follow and come with a wide variety of additional resources. There is a free version to start with or choose the paid version with more features. My husband is a fan of this program and says to look out for discounts since they run specials frequently.

Butterfly Spanish on YouTube My personal favorite resource for conversational Spanish! Wonderful for visual (or even audio learners). This is a channel by a Honduran Spanish teacher and she has over 50 videos covering Spanish conversational topics. She is energetic, easy to follow and also answers questions that you may have in her comments section.

Memrise.com This FREE app and website is a competitor to Duolingo and allows you to personalize your language learning and create your own course. Great for all levels of Spanish from beginners to advanced.

Clozemaster.com This website and app is fabulous for intermediate to advanced Spanish language learners. It is good for improving Spanish vocabulary and grammar but you should probably already have a good base in Spanish before working with this program.

Adult Easy-to-Follow Spanish Lessons- Free Channel on You Tube:

Alan Por El Mundo Travel Channel on You Tube- Fun Practice for Intermediate/Advanced Spanish

I Talki-  Pay for One on One Language Lessons with Native Speakers (Adult Resource) 

Hello Talk- Chat with Native Speakers of Other Languages for Free

What about Rosetta Stone? Maybe 10 years ago I would have recommended it. But today my opinion is that it is a very expensive program and not worth the money, especially with all of the other free or inexpensive language learning options available these days.

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Learning Spanish with Your Child
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