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Why Spanish Immersion Preschool?

Studies show that there are many cognitive benefits for children who are educated in a second language! Early childhood offers a small window of opportunity where the brain learns language easier than any other time in life.  Many bilingual children demonstrate increased analytical, social, and academic skills in math, science and creativity. Here in New Hanover County, students at the Forest Hills Spanish Immersion Elementary School program outperformed non-immersion students on state standardized testing at both the county and state level! See our useful FAQ page for answers to questions you may have about language immersion.

Our School

Wilmington Bilingual Preschool is a Spanish Immersion Preschool in Wilmington, NC. Our Spanish Immersion Preschool offers everything that a traditional preschool offers with the added benefit of educating your child in a second language. Here, Spanish is incorporated into all daily activities. Children learn naturally because they eat, play and learn in Spanish. All activities- circle time, music and movement, yoga, centers, snack time and free play time are led by our friendly and eager native Spanish-speaking instructors.


We are located at 100 Spartan Road, 1B, which is off Market Street near Defy Gravity.


We are committed to keeping ratios low so that each child receives the attention they need.

Toddler Group:  18 months – 2.5 years
Maximum of 10 students; two teachers + floater

Young Pre-K Group: 2.5 years – 3.5 years

Maximum of 14 students; two teachers

Pre-K 1 Group:  3.5 – 4.5 years
Maximum of 16 students; two teachers

Pre-K 2  & Private Kindergarten Class- 4.5 – 6 years
Maximum of 18 students; two teachers

Calendar/Hours of Operation

Currently we operate as a preschool for 18 month olds- 6 year olds from September-May. We are also open summers and this attendance in the summer program is optional. If you are interested in a Summer Camp, please indicate this on our Parent Survey.

We begin our day each morning at 9 a.m. and end our day at 1 p.m. We follow the New Hanover County Schools calendar for inclement weather and holiday breaks.

In the summer, June-August, we offer a half day and full day camp for older students, grades K-5. They participate in educational and fun field trips in the morning then return to campus for on-site activities in the afternoon.

During the school year, September – May, we offer an afterschool program for students ages K-5 to learn Spanish. Please request more info.


We are committed to encouraging healthy eating! Our school provides each child a healthy morning snack which always consists of a fresh fruit/vegetable, a lowfat carb or dairy item. Sample items include Cuties, apple slices, carrot chips with greek yogurt dip, bananas, goldfish, plain or multigrain Cheerios with raisins, wheat or seed crackers, pretzels, string cheese, yogurt and veggie straws snacks to name a few. Often when children are eating with their peers, they will try food that they may be opposed to trying at home and they may like it! We also enjoy making creative snacks that match our weekly themes.

In addition, each child should bring a water bottle every day and a healthy lunch. Please refer to our parent guidebook for healthy lunch ideas. We ask that parents not pack juice, sodas, cookies, candy, gummies, cakes, pre-packed sweets, chips, etc. We want to teach the children that sweets and treats are special items that should not be consumed on a daily basis, but rather saved for enjoyment on special occasions. We do allow children to bring in special treats to celebrate their birthday, with prior notification to their teachers.


All staff are native or high-fluency Spanish speakers. In addition, at least one staff member in each class is CPR and first-aid certified, as well as have NC Division of Child Development Background checks.

Tuition Schedule 2021-2022

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We would love for you and your child to visit our school. Our doors are always locked during instruction time.
Please fill out our parent survey to request an appointment for a tour during the day.

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