What’s For Lunch? Making Healthy Lunch Easier

I am often in awe (and jealous) of some of the delicious, healthy lunches that our students bring to school. We provide a healthy snack but our parents do an amazing job of providing nutritious lunches for their children.

For Christmas, I bought both of my preschoolers a Bentgo Kids lunchbox. I was considering the Planet Box, which I have also seen at the preschool, but it was out of my price range. I also bought this value option for myself.

Most children at our preschool pack their lunches in the Bentgo Kids boxes. It’s the neatest little contraption and even the children seem to love them. There are sections for you to put various items in. It makes packing leftovers easy. You can also put fruit, veggies or protein in the sections without having the items touch each other. The box closes with a double latch and can be easily packed in a lunch box. Even better, parents don’t have to look for plastic baggies to put the food in so there is less waste and money spent.

As teachers, we like it because it makes serving lunch to the children easy. We simply open the box and place it in front of the children. It occurred to me that these boxes are better for sanitation because at no point does a teacher have to touch the child’s food so there’s less chance for cross-contamination or contact with germs (unlike when parents pack food in a baggies and the teachers have to take it out and put it on a plate.

As a parent, I have absolutely LOVED using this for our children! It makes packing lunch so much easier and somewhat fun Check out some of the lunches that we’ve seen at our school and if you’re ever looking for a gift idea for your child, I highly recommend one of these lunch systems. I think it even encourages children to eat better. My 2-year old sometimes wants to eat from it at home. When he opened this gift at Christmas and saw what it was, he got so excited! I think it was his favorite gift and he knew exactly what it was because he saw so many of his friends at school with one.

Email us (wilmingtonbilingualpreschool@gmail.com) for a handy list that we put together of easy and healthy lunch items that can go in your Bentgo Kids box!

What’s For Lunch? Making Healthy Lunch Easier
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