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Meet Duende Juanito Cristobal

The Elf on the Shelf has made a stop at Wilmington Bilingual Preschool! He first appeared in our Christmas tree. Since then, the children have read the Spanish version of the book and given him a name.

Since in Spanish it is common to have two names, they named him Juanito (after one of our first songs we learned this year) and Cristobal (the Spanish translation of Christopher). Also, in Spanish you normally address people by their titles (ex. Maestra Diana- Teacher Diana), so we call him Duende (Elf) Juanito Cristobal.

The children have been enjoying finding his new hiding spot each day and we discuss his location in Spanish (ex. encima del arbol- on top of the tree).

Next time you drop by, be on the lookout for Duende Juanito Cristobal!