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A Limpiar- Clean Up Time!

Recently I was at home with my 2-year old who attends our Wilmington Bilingual Preschool Toddler Program. He had made quite a mess with the books in his play room and it was time to clean up. He was reluctant to help and it occurred to me to start singing our clean up song from preschool:

A Limpiar, A Limpiar
Cada cosa en su lugar
(Clean Up, Clean Up)
(Every thing in it’s place)

To my astonishment, it worked like a charm! In an almost robotic manner, he began picking up the books and then started looking for more things on the floor to clean up.

Music is so powerful and that is why we incorporate it into every single day at preschool. We also send each parent a monthly playlist of our songs so they can sing along with your child. I am 100% certain that every child who attends our school knows the clean up song very well and they all know what to do when they hear it. We often hear them singing along, sometimes very loudly to this song.

So parents, the next time you find yourself begging, threatening or struggling to get your child to clean up, try playing our clean up song in Spanish. You may be surprised at what your little one does!